Simply Clean 8

     Took the weekend off to spend two nights with a few buddies, one being, in Daytona Beach, FL. The occasion being Simply Clean 8. This was my first Simply Clean event and I'm happy to say it didn't disappoint, there was a great turnout and a bunch of really quality cars over there. We drove up from Tampa on Friday (with a bit of turbulence on my part) to meet up with our friend, Alex (, to spend our first night at his house in Jacksonville. 

     The drive up there wasn't terribly exciting, but we did see this rad neon Toyo Tires sign though.    

     Woke up at seven in the morning to get ready and dressed. Alex's friends met up at his place, they drove an Mini, R32, and a Z4. We all cruised together from Jacksonville down to Daytona Beach and finally arrived at the venue. Check out my photos from the event!


     After the show ended at four, we hung around a little and waited for the after show. When the after show "started" I shot some pictures for a like good fifteen minutes before they started telling people they'd start towing cars if they didn't leave the venue.

     So, we left and checked into the hotel we were gonna stay for the night AND I could swear that this hotel was straight up haunted. So, we didn't stay too much in there we decided to explore and eat out in Daytona with a couple new friends Paden and Sahya ( 

     We hung out until our new friends had to leave, and we met up with another group in Orlando to go slide in a location I can't tell you where, but it was definitely a great time.



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Kevin Yang

I’ll send you my whole preme collection to be featured by u dad

Yaheem Murph of

Nice write up and pics, keep it up

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