Coffee With Nancy

     Had a chance to sit down and have a nice cup of coffee with the lovely, Nancy Nguyen. She is my first female model to shoot for COUNCIL'S, so here's what she has to say about herself:

     "Hey guys. My name is Nancy Nguyen. My only aspiration is to live an extraordinary life without any regrets. There's nothing I love more than my family and friends. Simple things like trying new restaurants and cafes, watching movies that make question your beliefs and blow your mind, laughing until I can't breathe with my family, cuddling with the one I love, and being with the people I love in the middle of a crowd of thousands of people at the music festivals are the reason why I exist. I'm a little lost fish in this ocean we call college but I'll find my way. I'm happy with the idea of dedicating my life to helping people better their own lives."

TI: "Alright, Nancy. Let's start off, do you have any nicknames?"

NN: "Legit my name is incapable of being nicknamed. I have a grandma name!"

TI: "Hahah that's understandable. Next question: what's your favourite car?"

NN: "I don't know much about cars but if I'm rich one day it's gonna be an Audi hahah"

TI: "Oh? What Audi?"

NN: "A shiny one!"


TI: "Hahah moving on! Something a bit more personal: What was your first kiss like?"

NN: "WOW really!?? I don't even want to remember it!

TI: (Okay, stepped on a landmine there) "Oh, was it a bad experience?"

NN: "My first kiss was with a guy I was dating for the wrong reasons and he was a gross pig. I just consider him my kissing coach. Like in Angus thongs and perfect snogging if you know that movie"


TI: "Switching topics then hahah do you have any hidden talents?"

NN: "uhm, I'm really good at any kind of skating, like give me something with wheels like a rip stick, penny board, or a long board! I got good balance. I can jet ski and drive a boat!"

TI: "What's your favourite food?"

NN: "Noodles!"

TI: "Oh, what kind?"

NN: "Anything really honestly hahah but, don't mean to be biased but seriously pho is my s@!t"


TI: "Alright, Nancy. The weather outside is really nice, lets go out and explore downtown!"

NN: "Sounds good!"

TI: "So Nancy, do you have any favorite TV shows?"

NN: "I love The Walking Dead and Grey's Anatomy!"

TI: "Oh, do you love Glenn?"

NN: "With all my heart"

TI: "So how do you feel about his death?"

NN: "It didn't happen."


TI: "So, any bad habits?"

NN: "Hmm, I'm ridiculously hard headed and I won't listen to anyone until I learn myself. So my worst habit is not taking people's advice."

TI: "Ohhh, I see. So you learn by experience then haha"


TI: "Okay, Nancy, this one is for the fellas out there: What do you look for in a boyfriend?"

NN: "Oh, hmmmm: Honesty, but the right amount. Loyalty, but not to the point that's suffocating. Lovingness, not only to me but his friends and family. Manliness, the kind of man that can take care of himself, as well as, others. Intelligence, but not arrogance. Extremely wise, because a person like me tends to stray from the moral compass if not tended to. I could go on forever!"


TI: "Alright, Nancy. The sun is about to go down, so let's wrap this up!"

NN: "Awww, alright."

TI: "Thanks for a pleasant shoot today! Oh, and thanks for being the first model for COUNCIL'S as well!!"

NN: "It was my pleasure!"



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I read this every night before I go to bed

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Need a Coffee with Tristan as well

Linda Nguyen

Wow, Nancy is so beautiful, what a wonderful girl❤️

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